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Our Mission

The goal of the Prayer Ministry  is to be intentional about promoting an authentic relationship with God by spending time in His presence through prayer.


Prayer Room

There is a Prayer Room located just inside the main entrance to the left. There you will find a quiet place of solitude. There is always someone there to pray with you on Sunday mornings. It is also open whenever the church building is open. You are welcome to use this room to sit at the feet of our Savior.


Opportunities to Pray

Sunday Night Prayer

Prayer is the heart beat of our relationship with God. On this night we will gather together to pray for each other, the community, the nation. We will also be intentional about praying into and for the vision of the church. We are called to be a house of prayer and that seems to be the imperative for the church – to see with spiritual eyes that are opened through prayer, and move out into the community and touch lives by the moving of the Spirit and live a praying life.

WHEN: The first Sunday of the month from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE: In the Sanctuary


Sunday Morning Sanctuary

After the worship service each Sunday morning there are 2 people from the prayer team that gather up front in the sanctuary for those in need of prayer.


Sunday Morning Prayer Room

The prayer room is located just inside the main entrance to the building to the left. There you will find a place of solitude. The room is open anytime the church building is. On Sunday mornings, there is always someone there if you would like someone to pray with.

Rejoice Prayer Team

Do you have a passion for prayer?  Whenever someone submits a prayer request, it is sent to the Prayer Team. The Prayer Team consists of over 50 individuals throughout our body who, when a request is received, petition our Lord with confidence for that request. If you are a prayer warrior and have a heart for prayer, sign up for our Prayer Team.

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"Prayer is the conversational part of the most important love relationship in our lives, our love relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." - From Love to Pray by Alvin VanderGriend